Quest is rebuilding the equipment finance experience

Come join our mission!

Message from our founders

We don’t have a video of our team drinking beer on tap and sitting around on bean bags cuddling cute puppies… although the puppy is coming soon 🙂

We do however have a clear vision and you’ll be doing meaningful work!

Sounds dramatic?

Our aim is to help you develop your purpose. It’s lack of purpose which is missing in most companies and not the perks. 

We see ourselves as true mavericks with the will to challenge old thinking and we’re persistent in everything we do. We feel, act and work as one team in favour of our customers.

The result?

We grow on a personal level and we have a profound impact on people’s lives and our industry.

If you have empathy, a burning desire to succeed and you’re looking for way more than just a job, then you’ll love our work culture.

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Walta Kazzi
Co-founder and CEO

Nathan Jarasius
Co-founder and COO

Kurni Wijaya
Co-founder and CTO

Our Values

 High standards – No rules
We have standards & ethics

The customer is everything
It’s our privilege to serve them

Grow profitably and ethically
it enables us to exist

Have fun and be ourselves
No judgement, no politics

We have life goals
We strive, we don’t drift

Never hide your mistakes
Ask for help instead

Career opportunities

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.
Find the position below that best fits your experience.


Client support

Growth team

Lending Advisor

Risk and Compliance

Finance analyst