Quest is Different

Small businesses
are the heart and soul of every community

We deliver you Fast and simple finance
without hidden fees or crippling conditions

We believe that the right funding makes small businesses more resilient.

Our promise is to always choose to forgo short-term gain in favour of what’s right in the long term and keeping our customers for life.

We match your specific business needs with the best loan option in the market or through our own funding product.

If we’re not delivering on our promise, please get in touch with me.


Walta Kazzi

Our Mission

To make finance shockingly simple.

We do this by combining the power of technology and human empathy
to build amazing customer experiences.

Our Story

Australian small businesses are starved of $70 billion dollars of funding. After years of working in the industry we became frustrated with old school lending practices that have failed to close this gap.

So in early 2020 we set out on our own Quest to change the game.

After a lot of effort, great people and big backing, we launched a fast and simple asset finance product for brokers. Customers loved it and our business grew like crazy but then got hit with historic interest rate rises.

But we quickly got up and realised that it was life’s way of nudging us to be where we should be.

We learned that being purely a lender limited the ways we could solve customer problems. That’s where our hybrid model means we can offer something no one else can do.

We now have the power to lend our own money to the many who don’t fit neatly inside the mainstream lenders box but also access over 40 lender products to match our customers with their best option.

When we combine our technology with true empathy for our customers, Quest is back on track to change the game for Aussie businesses !

We’re making a difference in the world

We’ve partnered with an amazing charity called Kiva, who help millions of people around the world who don’t have access to financial services. In particular women.

In developing countries, women have much less economic opportunities than men. So for every loan we fund, we crowdfund an interest free loan for a business owner. So far, we’ve crowdfunded loans for hundreds of women around the world.

Our Values

No silly rules

Instead, we have high standards

The customer is everything

It’s our privilege to serve them

Keep things simple

We thrive to simplify everything

One team - Always

Helping every team member reach their full potential